Pressure Gauge Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
1011 1012 1013 1014 Safety Pattern Aluminium Case Pressure Gauge 487.30 kb Download Preview
1041S 1042S 1043S 1044S Receiver Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 389.96 kb Download Preview
1071 1072 1073 1074 Test Gauges Standard 548.79 kb Download Preview
1071S 1072S 1073S 1074S Test Gauges Stainless Steel 520.36 kb Download Preview
1081 1082 1083 1084 Oxygen & Acetylene Aluminium Case Pressure Gauge 584.40 kb Download Preview
1081S 1082S 1082S-BC 1083S Oxygen & Acetylene Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 580.71 kb Download Preview
1121 1122 1123 Safety Pattern Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 390.10 kb Download Preview
300 Series All Stainless Steel Construction Utility Pressure Gauges 307.03 kb Download Preview
411 412 413 414 Standard Pressure Gauge 468.37 kb Download Preview
521 522 523 524 Stainless Steel Case Brass Internals Pressure Gauge 369.69 kb Download Preview
631 632 633 634 Petro Chemical Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 435.85 kb Download Preview
Electric Contact Electric Contact Pressure Gauge 351.94 kb Download Preview
Fire Appliance Pump Fire Appliance Pump Pressure Gauges 927.78 kb Download Preview
Nitelitegage Luminescent Dial With Reflective Pointers 423.68 kb Download Preview
Snubbagauge The Gauge for Shock and Surge Problems 112.00 kb Download Preview
Vibragauge The Gauge for Vibration Problems 301.25 kb Download Preview

Defence Standard Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
1011:66/2 1012/66-2 1013/66-2 Safety Pattern Aluminium Case 160.72 kb Download Preview

Phenolic Case Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
1221 Phenolic Safety Pattern Gauge 512.24 kb Download Preview
1232 1233 Safety Pattern Case Chemical Seal Gauge 545.42 kb Download Preview

Diaphragm/Chemical Seal Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
2012 2013 Mechanical Diaphragm Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 689.30 kb Download Preview
2030 series Diaphragm Seal Filled System Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 746.44 kb Download Preview

Capsule Type Draught Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
1061/S 1062/S 1063/S 1064/S Low Pressure Draught Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 543.05 kb Download Preview

Differential Gauge Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
2021 2022 2023 2024 Duplex Pressure Gauge 530.35 kb Download Preview
4503 4906 4901 Differential Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 953.31 kb Download Preview


The range of Subsea Pressure Gauges available from The Stewarts Group

Sub Sea Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
3010 3011 3012 Subsea Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 452.69 kb Download Preview
8022 8024 Welded Stainless Steel Diaphragm Compensated Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 576.14 kb Download Preview
8032 8034 Nitrile Rubber Diaphragm Compensated Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 577.34 kb Download Preview

Compensated Subsea Pressure Gauges

  • You can download a PDF with more information on the principals behind our range of Compensated Subsea Pressure Gauges HERE (1.2Mb).


  • Specially developed to meet the need for gauges working at great depths under the sea and in Hyperbaric conditions.


Pressure Gauge Accessories

Title Description Size Download
CV Check Valve 276.94 kb Download Preview
DSFR Flushing Rings for Diaphragm Seals 212.35 kb Download Preview
IL GS External Adjust Snubber 131.72 kb Download Preview
ILORP Over Range Gauge Protector 302.69 kb Download Preview
S ‘S’ Type Syphon 382.45 kb Download Preview
Swivemas® Swivemas® Close Couple System 270.81 kb Download Preview


Temperature Gauge Data Sheets

Title Description Size Download
2042 2043 2047 Bi Metal Rigid Stem Stainless Steel Thermometer 268.45 kb Download Preview
2066 2067 2069 Thermometer Thermowells 1.25 mb Download Preview
741 742 743 852 853 961 962 963 Rigid Stem & Distant Reading Stainless Steel Thermometer 550.51 kb Download Preview
975 2050 Any Angle Stainless Steel Thermometer 416.13 kb Download Preview

Please consult our sales staff for further details.

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