Pressure Gauge Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
631 632 633 634 Petro Chemical Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge500.95 KB04/02/2020 DownloadPreview
1121 1122 1123 Safety Pattern Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge655.13 KB04/02/2020 DownloadPreview
411 412 413 414 Standard Pressure Gauge449.20 KB03/02/2020 DownloadPreview
Vibragauge The Gauge for Vibration Problems294.19 KB16/11/2017 DownloadPreview
300 Series All Stainless Steel Construction Utility Pressure Gauges299.84 KB16/11/2017 DownloadPreview
1011 1012 1013 1014 Safety Pattern Aluminium Case Pressure Gauge413.85 KB15/01/2019 DownloadPreview
521 522 523 524 Stainless Steel Case Brass Internals Pressure Gauge404.23 KB04/02/2020 DownloadPreview
Fire Appliance Pump Fire Appliance Pump Pressure Gauges919.10 KB15/01/2020 DownloadPreview
Electric Contact Electric Contact Pressure Gauge343.70 KB19/07/2018 DownloadPreview
1041S 1042S 1043S 1044S Receiver Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge380.82 KB11/03/2018 DownloadPreview
1071 1072 1073 1074 Test Gauges Standard620.63 KB04/02/2020 DownloadPreview
1071S 1072S 1073S 1074S Test Gauges Stainless Steel613.76 KB04/02/2020 DownloadPreview
Snubbagauge The Gauge for Shock and Surge Problems109.95 KB22/05/2020 DownloadPreview
1081 1082 1083 1084 Oxygen & Acetylene Aluminium Case Pressure Gauge571.05 KB29/10/2019 DownloadPreview
Nitelitegage Luminescent Dial With Reflective Pointers327.06 KB13/12/2019 DownloadPreview
1081S 1082S 1082S-BC 1083S Oxygen & Acetylene Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge691.95 KB04/02/2020 DownloadPreview

Defence Standard Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
1011:66/2 1012/66-2 1013/66-2 Safety Pattern Aluminium Case440.51 KB17/01/2020 DownloadPreview

Phenolic Case Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
1221 Phenolic Safety Pattern Gauge402.30 KB23/08/2018 DownloadPreview
1232 1233 Safety Pattern Case Chemical Seal Gauge537.94 KB15/10/2019 DownloadPreview

Diaphragm/Chemical Seal Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
2012 2013 Mechanical Diaphragm Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge673.14 KB19/12/2017 DownloadPreview
2030 series Diaphragm Seal Filled System Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge729.97 KB13/09/2019 DownloadPreview

Capsule Type Draught Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
1061/S 1062/S 1063/S 1064/S Low Pressure Draught Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge530.32 KB07/02/2018 DownloadPreview

Differential Gauge Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
2021 2022 2023 2024 Duplex Pressure Gauge392.87 KB05/09/2018 DownloadPreview
4503 4901 4906 Differential Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge932.77 KB01/04/2019 DownloadPreview
DPSC Differential Pressure Gauge Sealed Case466.52 KB06/06/2019 DownloadPreview
OB11 OB11/SS Opposed Bourdon Tube Differential Pressure Gauge457.55 KB05/06/2019 DownloadPreview


The range of Subsea Pressure Gauges available from The Stewarts Group

Sub Sea Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
3010 3011 3012 Subsea Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge442.08 KB19/12/2017 DownloadPreview
8022 8024 Welded Stainless Steel Diaphragm Compensated Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge562.63 KB19/12/2017 DownloadPreview
8032 8034 Nitrile Rubber Diaphragm Compensated Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge563.81 KB19/12/2017 DownloadPreview

Compensated Subsea Pressure Gauges

  • You can download a PDF with more information on the principals behind our range of Compensated Subsea Pressure Gauges HERE (1.2Mb).


  • Specially developed to meet the need for gauges working at great depths under the sea and in Hyperbaric conditions.


Pressure Gauge Accessories

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
Check Valve Check Valve152.44 KB21/08/2018 DownloadPreview
DSFR Flushing Rings for Diaphragm Seals207.37 KB01/06/2018 DownloadPreview
ILORP Over Range Gauge Protector296.53 KB20/08/2019 DownloadPreview
S ‘S’ Type Syphon373.49 KB16/11/2017 DownloadPreview
Snubber External Adjustable Snubber179.32 KB21/08/2018 DownloadPreview
Swivadapt® Swivadapt® Close Couple Adapters320.31 KB12/09/2018 DownloadPreview


Temperature Gauge Data Sheets

TitleDescriptionSizeDate modifiedDownload
741 742 743 852 853 961 962 963 Rigid Stem & Distant Reading Stainless Steel Thermometer537.60 KB08/08/2018 DownloadPreview
975 2050 Any Angle Stainless Steel Thermometer406.38 KB16/11/2017 DownloadPreview
2042 2043 2047 Bi Metal Rigid Stem Stainless Steel Thermometer262.16 KB16/11/2017 DownloadPreview
2066 2067 2069 Thermometer Thermowells1.19 MB10/08/2018 DownloadPreview

Please consult our sales staff for further details.