Stewarts manufacture a range of Compensated and Non Compensated pressure gauges.

We further compliment the SUBSEA range with various other types of instrumentation Chemical-Seals, Differential & Thermometers Gauges.

In catering for the needs of the subsea sector, Stewart-Buchanan are continuing to further develop products for full submersion use at various depths with increased options on standard specifications and customisable specials.

For more information on our range of SUBSEA pressure gauges, please see our SUBSEA catalogue for full details –

The Stewarts Group manufacture a range of Compensated and Non Compensated subsea pressure gauges

We design and manufacture subsea pressure gauges for customer’s special requirements on request.

Pressure Gauges Information Sheets

Title Description Size Date modified Download
Standard Dial Ranges 263.20 kb 29/11/2017 Download Preview
Measuring Principles Pressure 89.82 kb 29/11/2017 Download Preview
How to Order 362.11 kb 18/07/2018 Download Preview
High Pressure Connections 71.00 kb 29/11/2017 Download Preview

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