Process Plants are operational 24/7 and this requires instrument readings to be taken in varying outside low-light conditions. The Nitelitegage® solves this problem by incorporating a luminescent dial with reflective markers and pointer which aids the reading of the instrument at a distance and in most ambient light conditions, day or night.

Why is this product important to the process industry?

The ability to easily read the instrument from a distance – usually the distance of the instrument from the operator can be considerable. Instrument position can be difficult and hazardous to get to, particularly in a low light environment.

Nitelitegage aids the reading of an instrument at distance and in most ambient light conditions, day or night
The luminescent dial has a reflective pointer and two reflective clips on the dial rim. You decide where you want to set each reflective clip by setting minimum and maximum limits that allow for on the spot customisation. This remarkably easy solution permits anyone viewing the instrument from a distance to easily see if the process is operating within the designated portion of the dial – all you need is a flashlight.
“photoluminescence”, in other words the properties of some elements of the earth to capture natural or artificial daylight and give it back to the environment in the darkness.

Photoluminescence is a source of clean and renewable energy, and is harmless to the environment and humans and “recharges” with any source of natural or artificial light.

The views below are a simulation of the Nitelitegage’s attributes

At Night

Luminescent Mode – Dial Energised
Distance 3 metres

Click and drag icon above to move left or right.

At Night

Reflective Mode – with Flashlight
Distance 10 metres

We design and manufacture instruments for customer’s special requirements on request.