The Stewarts range of mono flange valves are specially designed to be installed directly onto your process equipment. The monoflange can be used for the direct attachment of pressure instrumentation where there is an ASME/ANSI integral flange present. They can also be “sandwiched” between sets of equipment to satisfy various design requirements of the system. The “single piece” integral design, used in place of flange adapters and separate valves, will reduce the number of potential leak paths while making your system much more compact.

Further advantages will be achieved in significant weight and component cost savings when compared to other conventional installation solutions.

Monoflanges can be configured as either single block and bleed, or double block and bleed; with a plugged vent port for the bleed. The double block and bleed is also available with the Stewarts OS&Y needle valve in the primary isolation position.

Monoflanges, used in installations in accordance with ASME/ANSI standards, feature all metal sealing in the valve seat with metal to metal, bonnet to manifold interface seal.

We manufacture in a full range of materials, flange types and ratings as well as offering a choice of outlet types, including threaded, flanged, integral SWIVEMAS® connection or chemical seal (specifically the Monoseal; for use and sold with Stewarts pressure gauges).

The Stewarts Group range of monoflange valves are specially designed to be installed directly onto your process equipment

Stewarts Monoflanges provide a reduced number of potential leak paths within a compact system


Monoflanges Information Sheets

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