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About Us

What We Do – an overview of the areas of work undertaken

Our Company – an introduction to Stewart-Buchanan Gauges

Our Clients – A small selection of some of the clients we work with at Stewarts

Our Facilities – our sales and manufacturing facility in Kilsyth

Our Location – how to find us

Expertise – our capabilities as market leaders in our field

Certification – professional accreditations/memberships

REACH declaration – statement on Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006


Pressure Gauges – details of our range of pressure gauges

Subsea Pressure Gauges – details of our range of subsea pressure gauges

Compensated Subsea Pressure Gauges – details of our range of compensated subsea pressure gauges

Temperature Gauges – details of our range of temperature gauges

Heat & Vent – details on Coley Instruments, a Division of Stewart-Buchanan Gauges Ltd

Gauges Data Sheets – a list of available data sheets for our extensive range of gauges

Valves & Manifolds

Needle Valves & Manifolds – details of our range of needle valves & manifolds

Ball Valves & Manifolds – details of our range of ball valves & manifolds

Monoflanges – details of our range of monoflanges

Double Block & Bleed Valves – details of our range of flanged manifolds

Valves & Manifolds Data Sheets – a list of available data sheets for our valves & manifolds

Specialised Products & Services

VIBRAGAUGE® – details on our unique VIBRAGAUGE® pressure gauges

NITELITEGAGE® – details on our unique NITELITEGAGE® pressure gauges

SWIVADAPT® and SWIVEMAS® – details on our unique SWIVADAPT® and SWIVEMAS® joints

Panel & Instrument Assemblies/Enclosures – details on control panel & enclosure manufacture

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News – read the latest news from The Stewarts Group

Contact – how to get in contact with The Stewarts Group

Conditions of Sale – our conditions for the sale or supply of goods

Cookies – the Stewarts Group website Cookies policy

Site Map – a listing of individual pages within the Stewarts Group website

Legal – details of our website usage terms & conditions

Vacancies – careers at The Stewarts Group

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