Do your pressure gauges suffer with the problem of excess vibration, rapid surge or loss in pressure?

Exposure to excessive or continuous vibration is one of the biggest causes of pressure gauge failure, causing mechanical parts to wear out more quickly. It can also make it difficult to take accurate readings from a gauge with a fluttering pointer.

Stewarts innovative VIBRAGAUGE® technology addresses excess vibration in pressure gauges

At Stewart-Buchanan Gauges, we’ve developed our innovative VIBRAGAUGE ® technology to address this problem. Specially designed to slow down the fluctuations of the pointer spindle, the VIBRAGAUGE ® prevents excess vibration, surges or losses in pressure from causing rapid wear on the quadrant. A great alternative to glycerine filled instruments, the VIBRAGAUGE ® can be used in any environment where pumps, motors and other equipment are causing high levels of vibration. The life of your gauge is greatly extended, delivering cost savings to your business in the long term.

The VIBRAGAUGE ® is available in all our bourdon tube gauges. Take a look at the data sheet for more information.