At Stewart-Buchanan Gauges, our commitment to quality and product innovation means we constantly strive to manufacture market-leading, technically advanced products. That’s why we have developed our own High Tolerance NPT Thread to produce a higher quality, safer joint.

Our High Tolerance NPT Thread goes over and above the normal tolerances of a standard NPT thread. Using current tapered thread standards, we have maximised the tolerance on the male thread while minimising the tolerance at the female end. This means that our NPT connection has five to six threads engaged when fully tightened compared with the usual three to four threads of a standard NPT connection.

High Tolerance NPT Thread
This improved thread engagement is at the core of what makes our product stronger and safer than many on the market today. We are one of only a few manufacturers worldwide to produce all of our tapered threads in this way to ensure a safe, secure joint.

To find out more, take a look at our High Tolerance NPT Thread factsheet, or contact our sales team today.