Stewarts unique SWIVADAPT® joints have been developed for the close coupling of our full range of valves, pressure gauges and accessories.

Available in two versions, Mark-1 and Mark-2; the Mark-2 or SWIVEMAS® incorporates a secondary “backup” seal which further contributes to
reducing potential fugitive emissions while providing additional safety should the primary sealing joint be compromised. Furthermore, whilst considering the installation and actual connection of peripheral equipment, both models give the added advantage of allowing orientation through a full 360°.

The floating drive nut on the Instrument/Adapter socket gives the designer and installer the ability to position at any angle before transmitting the torque an axial drive force through the collar and thus creating the metal-metal seal in the cone faces.

Although the primary intent of the SWIVADAPT® coupling system is for the free orientation of instruments, the Stewarts SWIVADAPT® connectors can be used in other instances, such as, for the connecting of differential instruments and in the making of high integrity threaded pipe joints into peripheral equipment where the reduced bore is acceptable.ces.

Find out how our unique SWIVADAPT® and SWIVEMAS® solutions can assist your business

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