Stewarts SWIVADAPT® and SWIVEMAS® help power stations, process plants and the oil and gas industry in reducing leak paths within pressurised systems, thereby reducing potential fugitive emissions in accordance with the EU’s IPPC Directive 2008/1/EC.

Stewarts unique SWIVADAPT® joints have been developed for the close coupling of our full range of valves, pressure gauges and accessories, and is available in two versions – the Mark 1 and Mark 2.

To accommodate the installation process and also enable the straightforward connection of peripheral equipment, both models give the added advantage of allowing orientation through a full 360°, as the joint is made without the need to rotate either of the cone faces.

To accommodate the installation process and also enable the straightforward connection of peripheral equipment, both models give the added advantage of allowing orientation through a full 360°, as the joint is made without the need to rotate either of the cone faces.

Find out how our unique SWIVADAPT® and SWIVEMAS® solutions can assist your business

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